Beat cold and flu bugs with massage

There are ways of protecting yourself against the onslaught of cold, flu and other winter nasties that involve over the counter medicines, nasal sprays and taking supplements, but a massage is much nicer. That might sound a little strange, but it’s actually been proven to work by research.

Any kind of massage works as an internal stimulant, balances out your body’s stress hormones and relaxes you so that your immune system can do its work. It also helps to stimulate the movement of lymph fluid, which carries the white blood cells around that are needed to fight off bugs and viruses.

You can double the effects by having an aromatherapy massage, as further studies have proved that a few sessions of good quality massage combined with targeted aromatherapy can also boost the immune system. It can also be beneficial in cancer patients too.

Whatever the time of year, massage is a good way to boost your wellbeing, but at this time of year when people are bombarded with nasty viruses in offices, schools, on public transport and everywhere else, the news that it’s also great for your immune system too has got to be positive.

If you don’t want a cold, or worse, the flu this year, a massage might not keep you completely cold-free, but there are worse ways to try to fend the bugs off…

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